The target is to by 2025 have developed and created a demand for a new high-value product from wood raw materials: lignin-based carbon fibre, for use primarily in advanced composite materials. In addition the research infrastructure and production expertise throughout the value chain, from forest-based raw materials to high quality carbon fibre for use in advanced construction materials, will be developed in order to contribute towards establishing industrial carbon fibre production: Bio-based carbon fibre from wood.

Carbon fibre is strong and light and has many applications. Today, the demand for carbon fibre is mainly limited by the high cost. As a result, the material is currently primarily used in products where performance is more important than price. By introducing a cost-effective lignin-based carbon fibre, the market could increase considerably. “Today there is a close strategic cooperation, and, together with representatives from industry, we are planning a joint demonstration facility for the manufacture of lignin-based carbon fibre composites with an annual capacity of approximately 50 tonnes,” says Peter Axegård from company Innventia. “By working together to develop expertise and experimental resources in a smart way, we will form a unique, unbroken value chain and a strong R&D environment from the forest to lignin-based carbon fibre products, says Hans Hansson from Swerea Sicomp.

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