Graphene finds new application as non-toxic, anti-static hair dye

It’s an issue that has plagued the beauty industry for more than a century: Dying hair too often can irreparably damage your silky strands.

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Your air taxi is on the way, but arrival may be delayed.

Airbus and its Silicon Valley-based innovation lab recently released a video of their Vahana personal transport during its first test flight, heralding the arrival of the first airborne taxis.

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The effect of the Internet of Things on sustainability

Technology has driven global prosperity for centuries. Unfortunately, it has brought severe side effects. Some of today’s most pressing challenges have been partially caused by technology advances.

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Die Revolutionierung des Auto-Cockpits

Welche Herausforderungen bringt ein digitales Cockpit mit sich? Was müssen Automotive-Prozessoren in Zukunft leisten und wie werden traditionelle Architekturen neu definiert?

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Vollständige Elektromotoren aus dem 3D-Drucker

Drucken statt wickeln: Elektrotechnikern der TU Chemnitz ist es gelungen, einen Motor per 3D-Druck herzustellen – als Multimaterial-Mix aus Eisen, Kupfer und Keramik.

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Innovative Sensorjacke trainiert Industrieroboter

Die Gläserne Manufaktur von Volkswagen und das Dresdner Startup Wandelbots haben ein neuartiges Gemeinschaftsprojekt zur Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration (MRK) vereinbart.

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Drohnen-Forschung: Warum ein Autobauer in den Himmel blickt

Neben luftfahrtrechtlichen Fragen beschäftigt sich Ford auch mit den Drohnen selbst, um besser zu verstehen, wo sich ihre Verwendung durch Kunden mit der potenziellen Nutzung im Fahrzeugbereich überschneidet. 

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Laser-heated nanowires produce micro-scale nuclear fusion with record efficiency

Nuclear fusion, the process that powers our sun, happens when nuclear reactions between light elements produce heavier ones. It’s also happening – at a smaller scale – in a Colorado State University (CSU) laboratory.

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3D-Druck-Haus in 24 Stunden für nur 4.000 Dollar

Nicht jeder hat ein Dach über dem Kopf, da einigen Menschen die Mittel fehlen. Eine gemeinnützige Organisation aus den USA will das schnell und günstig ändern.

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How Blockchain Will Shape the Future of Social Networks

“If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product...” – The saying may be well-versed in the world of social networks, however many users aren’t aware of the true price they are paying while posting online.

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Robotics – Softies mit Zukunft

Zu schwerfällig, zu unflexibel sind heutige Roboter, um sensibel mit Mensch und Umwelt umzugehen. Nun greifen Forscher zu radikal neuen Materialien und Konzepten. Ihr Ziel: den Roboter neu erfinden.

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China baut ebenfalls Ökostadt

Masdar ist eines der berühmtesten Stadtbauprojekte weltweit. Nun hat das Architekturbüro Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (Chicago) Pläne für eine sich selbstversorgende Ökostadt in der Nähe von Chengdu in China vorgelegt. 

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Wohnen der Zukunft – das Falthaus

Ein Haus, das sich aus einer Kiste entfaltet, tönt nach Science-Fiction. Doch bei der Firma Ten Fold kann ein solches Gebäude schon heute bestellt werden. Das Grundkonzept bietet viele Möglichkeiten.

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Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing

New approach yields long-lasting configurations that could provide long-sought “qubit” material.

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Turning to Chemistry for New 'Computing' Concepts

As the complexity and volume of global digital data grows, so too does the need for more capable and compact means of processing and storing data.

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The Economics of an Electrified Autonomous Future

Would Autonomous Electric Vehicles Eliminate Transportation Externalities? After one of the many fun and inspiring lunch conversations here at the Energy Institute, I realized that my thoughts on the economic consequences of an electrified autonomous personal transport sector were in complete disarray.

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New report predicts how we will live in 2050

The global population is tipped to surge 24 per cent by 2050, from 7.5 billion to 9.8 billion. According to IKEA's latest sustainability report, People and Planet Positive 2017, the ageing population is one of the reasons for the rapid growth. 

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What's driving the future of parking garage design?

The efforts that go into designing a parking garage will likely never be acknowledged in the same way as the work that's done to bring a sparkling skyscraper out of the ground. 

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Transitioning Building Design to a Future of Compact, Driverless Cars

As soon as 2030, the trend toward fewer and smaller cars will mean a reduced need for wide roads and parking, reshaping cities and how people interact.

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Forscher entwickeln ein Modell der menschlichen Psyche

Bei jeder Entscheidung laufen unbewusste und bewusste Prozesse im Gehirn ab. Forscher haben eine Theorie der Psyche entwickelt und diese in einem mathematischen Modell umgesetzt.

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The Future Computer Chips In Your Head

Over the past twenty years, neuroscientists have been quietly building a revolutionary technology called BrainGate that wirelessly connects the human mind to computers and it just hit the world stage. 

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The smart farming revolution - how technology will change farmers' lives

Another agricultural transformation is about to unfold and it will be driven by data, drones and automated machinery.

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How Materials Science Will Determine the Future of Human Civilization

If Moore’s law continues, electronic devices will consume more than half the world’s energy budget within 20 years. To prevent that, we need a fundamentally new material.

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QLED Not OLED Is The Future Of TV Technology

A leading international AV consultancy has reported that the future of TV is stacked heavily in favor of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) rather than OLED technology, due to LG simply not being able to make enough OLED TVs to satisfy demand and drive prices down.

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Apple exploring combination of quantum dot and OLED technologies for future iPhone displays

Future Apple devices could merge the enhanced power efficiency of quantum dot LED and speed of response of OLED screens in one unit, offering the best of both worlds in terms of battery life and image quality.

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