The rumour mill has it that Google is working on another version of its high-tech specs, after taking Google Glass off the market earlier this year. And thanks to a patent that has just been awarded to the company, we have an idea what Google Glass mark two might look like.

The patent, spotted by Quartz, shows a slim pair of specs, and while not exactly fashionable, the design is definitely an improvement on the original. Gone is the third, blinking eye that was the module perching on top of the frames. In fact, it's not clear where in the specs the electronics actually sit. Perhaps Google has managed to redesign the components so that they can be tucked away neatly inside the frames themselves, which would be a blessing. Of course, it would also be a curse -- Glass users have got into trouble before for recording when they shouldn't have been using Glass at all. The sheer fact that electronics are hidden would make this even easier to do.

Another patent just awarded to the company for a "see-through near-to-eye display", could be the kind of thing Google wants to put into the lens area of its spectacles. For some time now the company has been keen to make Glass less conspicuous and more fashionable, recruiting models to wear it and designers to create new frames around it. The new design seems to be on the sporty side right now -- but if history has taught us anything, we're fairly sure they'll be at least a few different models to choose from eventually.

Google has yet to say anything more about Google Glass, and the company often patents technology that it doesn't necessarily use, but what is clear is that smart specs are still important to the company.

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