Smart Ped is your perfect urban getaway. This beautifully practical kick assist e-bike is the smartest move around the city whether you’re on your way to work traveling distances or combining other means of public transport. Or maybe just cruising around and enjoying the view.

Smart Peds easily foldable design makes it the most wanted piece of transportation tech in any city - it folds in a moment and accompanies you anywhere you go.





Technology Enclosed - Potential Unleashed

This ultimate urban ride is as simple as it is fun. One single kick and the new kick-assist system automatically turns on the electric motors and propels you further to extend your ride.

The all-in-one electric motor, battery and electronics come from the Smart Wheel concept, all fitted in the rear wheel. The aluminum housing, consisting of an electro motor, battery set, electronics and forward thinking sensors, is meticulously assembled and crafted into a wonderful piece of tech.



And then there is the security feature - you can lock your Smart Ped with a touch on the app. This innovative technology will also support the only legal e-kick-bike on the market.




Thoughtful Design - A Moving Experience

It all started in NYC 100 years ago with AutoPed - a motor propelled bike for delivering post or occasional getaways.

And the legend continues today with Smart Ped in a new, foldable and light design for the comfortable ride - allowing you to enter elevators, metro, trains or buses. Smart Ped fits both feet and its 16’’ wheels make the ride outstandingly stable while minimal and clean design glows as it glides through city streets.

It’s an open source design that lets you upgrade and tweak your Smart Ped with new features and goodies.





We have the answer. Connect your Smart Ped with the BitRide App to track how you ride and get suggestions for alternative routes to make your commute safer, easier and more fun. It creates tailor made reports on how much money, time and carbon footprint points can be saved with switching to a different mobility pattern. Use it to control your Smart Ped or connect with your friends and share your rides and stats. Download BitRide App to stay tuned during the campaign and know the progresses of your Smart Ped production and delivery. It’s compatible with iOS & Android and available now. 



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